Who’s Lee?

Who’s Lee?
Yesterday I went to the grocery store to pick up some flowers for my lovely wife for Mother’s Day.
Upon check out at the grocery store I come to find that this store does not allow you to run your debit card as a credit card. However, I just received this new debit card a few days ago and did not receive a pin # yet so…they weren’t going to let me buy the flowers.
Now this was the ONLY time I had in the day to pick up the flowers. After this I’d be that guy on a Sunday morning who says, “hang on I need to go to the store.” Then comes back with flowers. Kind of how I’ve played a few Mothers days in the past and this time I tried to be proactive…and was about to fail.

After going back and forth with the checker about how this is the ONLY store I’ve ever heard with such a policy (clearly at this point I’m getting peeved and holding up the line).
Then the guy waiting patiently behind me in line interrupts and says “hey are those for your mom?” I said, “No they are for my wife.”

He says, “I lost my mom a few years and don’t have anyone to buy flowers for. I’ll go ahead and take care of those for you. Add them to my bill.”


These were not cheap flowers by the way, as they were the best looking ones in stock.

It’s often I get to be the one dishing out the random acts of kindness…not the receiver. It was…powerful.

I only got his first name. If anyone knows a Lee in Plano TX. It would be cool if he saw this. Thanks big man. @ Plano, Texas

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